If you’ve made it this far, you have an appreciation of the importance of maximising sun protection both in commercial and domestic environments. Choosing the right fabric will play a critical role in finding a fit for your specific requirements. We have an extensive range to suit different lifestyles and work spaces with our Docril fabric range, garnering much interest due to its unique ability to offer both efficient protection and aesthetic excellence.

Docril Fabrics

This is where timeless Australian tradition meets European style. Docril fabrics allow your domestic or commercial indoor design to flow through your windows and outdoor living areas with elegant beauty. It also offers a host of functional benefits that make it an invaluable investment for either environment.

Benefits and Features of Docril Fabrics:

  • Reduce solar heat gain by up to 90%.
  • Provide protection from the sun helping reduce solar energy bills.
  • Provide outdoor comfort and indoor climate control.
  • Stylish, durable, and easy to clean.
  • 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric ensures long lasting colour.
  • Colours and designs are water-resistant, while Nautica fabrics are waterproof.
  • Increase commercial profits by creating a useable outdoor dining space.
  • Expand and shelter outdoor living spaces.

A Cut Above the Rest

Every fibre and detail of Docril has been manufactured with the end use and your needs in mind:

  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 – Docril fabrics by Citel, are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and have been tested for harmful substances or chemicals which are prohibited or regulated by law. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system.
  • Dupont Teflon – Docril fabrics are coated with Dupont Teflon and have exceptional resistance to water, high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking. You can rest assured they will stand the test of time.
  • Fabric Care – The Docril fabrics we offer are as durable as they are stylish and are designed to handle high traffic applications with ease so whether you’re the toast of the town or regularly have friends and family over, you’ll be covered. In outdoor situations, these fabrics should be hosed regularly to remove dust, bird droppings, and other solid particles and should not be rolled up or stowed away while wet.
  • 10-year Warranty – Our Docril fabrics are supported by a 10-year warranty. This covers changes in physical properties and is valid for a duration of 10 years from the date of purchase. Further details about this warranty are available by request from Ricky Richards (Sales) P/L.
  • Melanoma Institute Australia – A percentage of the proceeds of the sale of all our Docril fabrics will be donated to Melanoma Institute Australia. By choosing a fabric from this collection, you will be supporting melanoma research and contributing to healthier future for generations to come.

Docril Designs

The Docril Collection promises a parade of colours and practical protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Our extensive range of vivid colours and designs will complement any domestic, commercial, or architectural project. In addition, the captivating aesthetics are equally as functionally efficient with Docril Designs reducing solar heat gain by up to 90%, naturally creating a cool and comfortable living environment

Docril Colours

The Docril collection is available in a huge range of colour options. Docril fabrics will reduce solar heat gain and create a cool and comfortable living environment.

Docril Binding

Manufactured from 100% solution dyed acrylic, Docril acrylic binding colours will complement any colour or design from the Docril fabric collection.

Docril Garden Weekend

Elegant florals and colourful patterns are the hallmarks of this premium collection. The Docril Garden Weekend is tailormade for use on outdoor furniture.

Docril Garden Asgard

The Docril Garden Asgard is a popular choice for outdoor furniture, looking and feeling perfectly at home in your garden area.

Docril Garden Nature

The brightly coloured stripes of the Docril Garden Nature collection make a bold statement. The Docril Garden Nature collection is ideal for outdoor furniture. Premium earthy colours also lend an invitingly natural feel to any area.

Docril Garden Solid

Simple and bold, this premium collection offers a diverse range of plain colours that are ideal for outdoor furniture.

Docril Garden Escania

Stylish and unique, the Docril Garden Escania offers a premium collection of material, perfect for outdoor upholstery.

Docril Garden Beach

Tastefully classic, Docril Garden Beach offers a range of beautifully designs that are ideal for outdoor upholstery.

Docril Garden Urban

Chic and timeless, the Docril Garden Urban range offers a sophisticated aesthetic that is ideal for outdoor furniture.

Docril Garden Albis

Neutral greys provide the perfect contrast allowing the outdoors to really do the talking. Sleek and never out of style, these outdoor curtains will frame any view perfectly.