• Ronnie's Ramble Episode 11: Staying Innovative

For a business that opened its doors so long ago, you may be wondering just how does it stay innovative and keep up with the ever-changing needs of their loyal customer base? 


We had a chance to catch up with Ronnie to hear his thoughts on Ricky Richard’s success in staying on-trend and innovating their product line over the years. 


“It’s about being aware of how things are changing.” Ron states, taking special note of the growing concern over climate change – an important factor we like to consider at Ricky Richards.  


“We are in the textile industry. The textile industry is known for being a very large producer of waste. While we aren’t in fashion textiles – which is copping a lot of flak at the moment – we sell products that potentially cause problems and we understand that, and we are looking at ways to lessen the burden.” 


This is something Ricky Richards has done by introducing products made from recycled materials, such as Solterior FR, which is made using recycled plastic bottles. 


“You have to look at what’s happening around the world outside of your own industry.” Ron laments, adding that a lot of industries are overlapping more and more. As industries overlap, you find yourself having to create new, innovative solution to consumer needs. 


Ricky Richards have been developing different products based on these needs. From printable wallpaper and flooring to fabric signage, these new products can invigorate and keep things interesting for staff and customers. 


“That’s exciting, You can have your own mural. Could be a photo of yourself, something you’ve designed. It’s very cool.” 


Ron believes that the addition of brand-new products and services can help keep your job exciting, and stop you from getting into a routine that never changes. 


“We sales people love our shiny new toys – we can’t help ourselves!” 


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