• About Us

Established in 1983, Ricky Richards is a family owned and operated business that has grown to become Australia’s leading distributor of technical textiles, sun control fabrics and print media. With our diverse portfolio of products, Ricky strives for continued customer satisfaction with a commitment to stock holdings, personalised services, and efficient delivery nationwide. Ricky has its headquarters in Sydney NSW, a newly established warehouse in Packenham Victoria, salespeople positioned nationally along with sales agents in selected areas, our reach continues to extend beyond our home in New South Wales to ensure continued speed to market and scalable distribution.

The Name

Who is Ricky? Ricky isn’t a person, or just a company name but a way of doing things. So, what do we mean by this? It’s the smile on your face when you’re talking to one of our team, it’s expert customer service, it’s the passion for what we do, the knowledge we provide, the integrity, transparency, and honesty our team lead with every day. Our team, customers, suppliers, and friends who embody our values. That’s what Ricky is, it’s an approach to business, the relationships we value, and the people we like to call, the Ricky family.

Our Customers

At Ricky, our customers are at the core of what we do. Ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term relationships is central to our vision as Australia’s leading textiles supplier. Our diverse team, extensive knowledge, and unique approach to customer care, ensures a commitment to a level of service, beyond the quality of the goods we sell. We continue to strive to be industry leaders and problem solvers, to ensure we’re there for our customers and their projects, every step of the way.


To provide our customers with premium-quality products, services and experiences that enables them to supply and own quality Australian made products.


To be a company that makes people happy, held equally in the highest regard for our commercial success and the spirit of community we foster.