Technical Textiles

Why is Ricky Richards Australia’s largest and most preferred technical fabric supplier?

Every textile fabric we supply is carefully curated by our experts to save you money and eliminate wastage

One major reason is our commitment to providing quality fabrics at prices that don’t break the budget. From industrial covers to outdoor upholstery, our range of technical textiles have been carefully curated by our experts to save you money and help eliminate wastage.

Our priority is to fill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible – most orders can be filled within one business day and can be shipped anywhere in Australia too.

Over the course of more than three decades, we have built relationships with key suppliers, allowing us to pass our price savings to you, our valued customers. We also accept orders of any size, all you have to do is order the amount of digital print fabric, industrial covers or adhesive vinyl that you actually need. Never pay for more than you have to, we’ll only supply you with the material you need.

If you’re unsure of which would be the best types of technical textiles for your particular application or need advice on how to reduce material costs, our experienced team will be more than happy to discuss the options with you. They can recommend alternative or new products that can help you increase efficiency and lower production costs.

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The Ricky Richards technical textiles range includes :

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Caravan & Camping

If the outdoors feels like home, then you’ll want premium caravan and camping textile products that can outlast any conditions you may encounter. We supply the following:

Commercial Tents

When a special occasion needs to be celebrated outdoors, make sure you house your event in one of our robust and durable textile products:


    Wear and tear through repeated use is unavoidable when it comes to sporting products, however, selecting the right manufacturer and supplies that rely on sturdy fabrics and textiles can save you a fortune in the long run. We provide the following:


    Part and parcel of transporting goods is ensuring they arrive undamaged and in mint condition. Failure to do so is a costly error, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure only the best fabric is used in our transportation products, including:

    Tensile Architecture

    Tensile architecture relies more on tension than compression when it comes to design, resulting in unique structures that enhance their surroundings, natural or man-made. The materials used in these structures plays a critical role and great care should be taken to secure the right products. We have a proven range of quality products, including:

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    Shade Structures

    Whether you’re keeping cool from a harsh summer’s day or keeping dry from a rainy one, we have a selection of shade structures designed to meet your needs:





    The material used in construction contributes greatly to the forms’ structural integrity. We supply only the best:

    Agriculture & Horticulture

    We’re tried, tested and trusted distributors of fabric solutions in the agriculture and horticulture industry. Our product offering includes:

      Bags & Luggage

      Textiles and fabrics are used in daily life in a wide range of products including baggage and luggage. We have an exciting range of fabrics that offer both protection and aesthetic appeal, like:

      Liquid Storage

      For reliable and easy-to-use liquid storage fabrics look no further than our popular range of textile and fabrics:


        Not only do our fabrics protect your valuable possessions but they’ll also allow air to flow through. Some of the products we offer are:

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        Fabric Explorer

        Find the ideal fabric for your specific application quickly and easily with our unique Fabric Explorer search function. Drill down by application, material, colour and more – Discover fabric .

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