Outdoor Blinds & Awning Fabrics

Outdoor Blinds & Awning Fabrics

Ricky Richards outdoor blind and awning fabrics are designed to help reduce energy costs by lowering the temperature inside while offering maximum sun protection outside.

Our extensive range of awning and exterior blind fabrics includes high-quality textiles like, canvas, PVC, vinyl and mesh. Choose from industry-leading brands like Docril, , Solterior FR and Outlook – we have the perfect materials to suit any outdoor blind and awning application.

In addition, all our outdoor awning and blind fabrics are fade resistant, easy to maintain, durable, and ideal for use in commercial and residential settings.

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds and Awning Fabrics

Sun-safe: UV-resistant fabrics provide maximum protection from the heat - indoors and outdoors.

Durable: Robust, high-quality awning and blind fabrics are designed to withstand the harshest australian elements.

Fade-resistant: Unique manufacturing processes ensure our fabrics won't fade under harsh Australian UV. Our premium-quality textiles ensure longevity in the Australian environment for years to come.

Easy to maintain: No thorough cleaning regime is required; wipe or hose away dirt quickly and easily.

Looking for the best options in fabrics for awnings and outdoor blinds in Australia? Team Ricky’s has a solution to match your project needs.

Explore Ricky’s collection here.

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