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Discover our comprehensive range of textile solutions

Since 1983, Ricky Richards has raised the bar in the textiles industry. A testament to our passion for excellence, is our continuous improvement which is exemplified in the four distinct divisions we have, offering premium textile industry products.

These four divisions are each responsible for providing products that cater to specific applications. Like our business, they focus on excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. It is part and parcel of what has made Ricky Richards, Australia’s number one fabric distributor.

The first three divisions include print mediasun control and technical textiles. In 2017, Ricky Richards introduced the architectural & design division, enabling us to more effectively reach an exclusive market with expertly designed products and services. The four divisions bring together the world’s best manufacturers, a team of sales experts and over 30 years’ worth of experience. The end result is a comprehensive range of modern textiles.

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The four divisions

  • Technical textiles

We’re proud to introduce our quality range of durable fabrics in Australia. The primary focus and application of these innovative textile solutions is to help you achieve project success. The fabrics are handpicked for their longevity and affordability. Whether you need covers for camping, transportation, sports, shade structures and everything in between, we are sure to have something suitable for your specific needs. We’ll help you save time, money and stress by avoiding unnecessary wastage.  Read More

  • Sun control

Corporate social responsibility is not just a catchphrase with Ricky Richards; we’re dedicated to providing modern textile products that offer comprehensive protection against the elements. A percentage of our sun control sales, funds research at the Melanoma Institute Australia, for the work they do in finding a cure for melanoma. The Ricky Richards range of fabrics for outdoor blinds and awnings offers both style and functionality. Furthermore, we cater to both businesses and individuals too. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, we have easy-to-maintain blinds and awnings that will add value to your property.  Read More

  • Print media

To get your message across, you have to be heard. The Ricky Richards Print Media division gives you the edge by offering products that make a strong visual impact. They capture your particular audience’s attention and make an impression that lasts long after your audience has seen your advertisement. Our range of solutions includes point-of-sale displays, billboards, marquees, awnings and much more. Read More

  • Architectural & design

Ricky Richards’ newest division matches form to function effortlessly. You can rest assured that your project will capture the imagination with stunning aesthetics all while effortlessly performing its function at the same time.  The architectural & design range of solutions include printable interiors, floor coverings, shade sails and tensile architecture. Read More

What you can expect

  • Quality

Clients across Australia choose our fabric solutions because we maintain the highest standards and aspire to improve them by offering products that are aesthetically good, durable and suitable for your specific applications.

  • Affordability

Every product in our range is manufactured and distributed in a way that guarantees you value for money. Pay only for what you ordered, and for the quality you expected. Your satisfaction is key to us.

  • Support

We are always on hand to assist you with any queries or questions you may have about textile industry products. We stay up to date with the latest trends and are well-informed about industry developments, enabling us to offer the best support and advice to meet your needs.

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