• 5 Amazing Benefits of Awnings

Looking for some creative cover for your outdoor area?

When you’re creating a comfortable outdoor space to relax with family or a outdoor space at work, here’s a feature you don’t want to overlook: the awning.

An awning can be a real asset to your home or place of business, giving the building a creative lift while working hard to protect people against the elements.

As your dedicated experts, allow us to tell you all about awnings – including what are awnings used for and their incredible benefits.

What is an awning?

Awnings have been around for centuries, created to provide an area for people to remain dry or safe from the sun – and they’re doing precisely that to this day.

First, let us clear up any confusion – awnings are NOT canopies, despite the tendency for many people to use the terms interchangeably. But what’s the difference between the awning and the canopy?

Mounted or freestanding

Awnings are primarily mounted above an outside window or patio, whereas their canopy counterparts are usually freestanding.

Permanent vs temporary

Unlike canopies, which can be disassembled and assembled depending on the need for shade, awnings are designed to provide protective shade and cover throughout the year.

Windows and overhead

Most of us think of an awning as an overhead cover – which is absolutely correct. But what are window awnings ? Just like an overhead awning protects people from the elements, awnings can do the same when placed above a window, minimising heat and precipitation.

What are awnings made of?

Most awnings popular today are retractable and rely on a highly flexible material to allow for fast operation in line with the ever-changing weather. Here are some of the most common fabrics used for awnings today:

Acrylic: light and breathable, many home and business owners choose acrylic awnings because they are highly durable and water-resistant, protecting people and properties.

Canvas: this woven blend of cotton and polyester provides a great heavy-duty awning that protects against the elements for up to 10 years.

Mesh: the breathability of mesh makes it popular for many awnings while offering protection against solar heat gain of up to 99%.

Why you need an awning: 5 amazing benefits

Entertaining guests

Whether you fancy yourself the number one host in town or aspire to be, awnings are a sure-fire way to impress guests and family alike. The additional cover they provide allows you to enjoy more of your outdoor area by offering protection from the sun’s heat, UV rays and rainfall. What’s more, lots of awnings come with accessories such as screens to shield you and your guests from wind and bugs too.


With so many awning fabrics and styles, there is no doubt you will find one to help showcase your unique style and eye for design. This could be just the finish you need to make the beauty of your outdoor area match your indoor space, creating the flow many homeowners want nowadays.

Added value

While homeowners are not always thinking of a house sale, it is great to know that you’ll be well-placed to maximise your earnings when the day arrives. Awnings can add value to your property by making it more versatile and liveable outdoors - something future buyers can see clearly when they catch a glimpse of your outdoor cover in action.

Temperature control

When you’re at home, you expect to be comfortable – it’s your sanctuary, after all. Retractable awnings allow you to control the temperature at a moment’s notice, allowing exposure to the sun when you want it and removing it completely when you don’t.


Nothing is more frustrating than having to replace barely-used furniture damaged by the elements. Awnings offer dependable protection against harsh Australian weather conditions, prolonging the lifespan of your outdoor furniture and providing maximum return on investment.

Depend on the Professionals

There are so many benefits to installing an awning. The key to maximising those benefits is to secure the service and support of a team of experts – just like Ricky Richards.

As a family owned company one of Australia’s leading distributors of industrial and commercial textiles, Ricky Richards continues to offer both unrivalled quality and variety. Contact us today to upgrade your home with first-rate awnings or talk to our dedicated consultants about your needs and requirements. We’re always on hand to assist.