• Canvas tent vs Nylon tent

How to choose between a Canvas and Nylon tent?

Tents are made from a variety of fabrics. The two most popular fabrics used to manufacture tents are canvas and nylon. Canvas is a woven fabric usually made from a blend of natural (cotton) and synthetic (polyester) yarns while nylon is a 100% synthetic fabric. Each fabric offers different benefits and choosing between them depends on your requirements.


Tents made with nylon fabrics are generally water resistant and can be further coated to make them waterproof. These tents are quick to set up and extremely lightweight. Also, they can be packaged down to a small compression bag allowing you to travel with them on bike, foot or a small car.  Nylon tents can become very hot quickly if they are placed directly in the sunlight. You will need to ensure that the tent is completely dry before packing it away to avoid mildew.


A canvas tent is extremely durable and waterproof. Canvas is a breathable fabric which means that it keeps the humidity level to a minimum inside the tent. Canvas tents are less likely to be damaged than nylon tents and are also relatively easy to repair to a high standard. If weight, storage space and set up time are not major issues for you then a canvas tent is a great option.


Ultimately the most important thing to consider when choosing a tent fabric is your individual requirement. Whether you choose canvas or nylon it needs to suit your camping style.

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