• Ronnies Ramble S2, E5: STA Apprentice Awards

Ricky Richards has sponsored the Specialised Textiles Association (STA) Apprentice of the Year Award for the past 2 years. Ron talks about why this focus on the 'young' or 'new' is an important one.

Ron speaks about how we are lucky to have enthusiastic, eager young men and women who want to work in the industry and start their careers in textile. He believes that young apprentices are critical for the future and how they form the backbone of the textile industry. Everyone has something to teach and learn from one another. 

“Industries age, companies age, we all age.  If you don't promote the youth, where do you go?” Ron says.

This is why when the STA Apprentice of the Year Award came up, Ron immediately signed up and volunteered to be part of it. 

Young apprentices are important to focus on because they provide a way to keep the development of talent on track, especially when long-term unemployment among young people is so high. Young people can serve as an innovative force toward a sustainable economy.  They can make a lasting impact on the industry as they grow into leaders.

He says “We wanted to be responsible for the young people. This particular industry is important to us.”