• Successful partnerships: Ronnie's Ramble Episode 7

Entering in a business partnership can often be an attractive yet risky option for burgeoning business starters.  

The benefit of more funding, effort, knowledge, and skill can be eroded by disagreements, resentment or even a change in business goals.  

This does not mean that partnerships –familial or not – are always doomed to fail.  

As Ron, one of the founders of Ricky Richards stresses, common goals, knowing your skills and assigning each partner responsibilities based on those are all ways to ensure partnerships remain successful. 

There is, however, another factor in successful partnerships that he believes is more important than any other.  

 “Trust. After trust, I’d put trust. And probably third, have a guess? Trust.” 

As Ron fondly recalls working in partnership with his brother Norman and dad Eric, he notes how grateful he is that their partnership was always built on a solid foundation of trust.  

See Ron give us his thoughts on successful partnerships in episode 7 of our Ronnie’s Ramble video series.