• Ricky Richards and North Queensland Toyota Cowboys: A Partnership Anchored in Values

Ricky Richards proudly announces its Major Partnership with the North Queensland Toyota Cowboys. 

The two-year collaboration will prominently feature the Ricky logo on the back left of the Cowboys’ playing shorts during the 2024 and 2025 NRL Premiership seasons. 

Jeff Reibel, Cowboys Chief Executive, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to connect the Australian, family-owned business with the NRL's diverse industry network in North Queensland. 

“Our corporate and commercial partnership programs span over 50 North Queensland industries across the NRL’s largest geographical footprint," said Mr. Reibel. "We eagerly anticipate supporting Ricky Richards in forging strong commercial relationships throughout this extensive network to provide their high-quality products to the North." 

Tom Arciuli, Ricky Richards Marketing and Brand Manager, sees the Cowboys partnership as an exciting opportunity to expand the company's loyal customer base in regional Queensland, giving back to customers across Australia while sharing a mutual passion for rugby league. 

“For over forty years, our commitment to quality, service, reliability, integrity, and fun has remained steadfast," remarked Mr. Arciuli. "These values have fostered enduring relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring the highest quality products for our customers, including our external blinds, awnings, shade sails, boat covers, and more." 

He continued, "We are eager to provide the Cowboys industry network access to our expansive product range, which includes shade structures, high-performance tensiles designed for the elements, industrial erosion protection, and high-impact print media." 

"We are also proud to stand with the Cowboys as they represent the North in their 2024 NRL Premiership campaign," added Mr. Arciuli. 

Ricky’s business ethos also includes a philanthropic arm, which has donated over $500,000 to organizations such as the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation, Melanoma Institute Australia, and the Australian Skin Cancer Foundation over the past 28 years.