• Marine Upholstery Fabrics

Marine Upholstery Fabrics

Australia’s widest choice in hard-working, great-looking marine fabrics

Designed & produced to ensure longevity - and always with aesthetics in mind to ensure your boat looks the business - Ricky’s complete range of marine upholstery fabrics from world leading brands offers ultimate protection for your vessel. Choose from a wide range of stylish fabrics in contemporary colourful designs and consider all your marine projects covered.

  • Wide choice of marine upholstery fabrics: acrylic, canvas, polyester and mixed blends.
  • All fabrics offer maximum heat and sun protection without compromising the style or design.
  • A broad range of waterproof fabrics, designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and marine applications.
  • Exceptional products from leading brands – select from Neptune, Bliss, Jetty and more.

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Our versatile range of marine upholstery fabrics provides optimum choice for your boat covers, Bimini tops, and marine furnishings. All our marine textiles are carefully selected to ensure longevity in your boating projects, protecting your investment and providing maximum comfort while on the waterways.

Our 2023 Sample Book is now available along with our new brochure that highlights the Outlook Collection, the multiple colours and openness varieties that suit every possible personal preference.Marine Fabric Upholstery Applications & Benefits: Ensure maximum protection for your marine investment, Reduce solar heat gain by up to 99%*, Keep sailors and guests safe in the sun, Provide style and comfort when you’re on the water, Resist the elements - at sea and in mooring, Prevent damage caused by water, moisture and abrasions.


While each of our stylish marine fabrics is unique, they all share the same fundamental features our boating clients have trusted for many years.

Working hard to protect your investment is the number one priority for our marine fabrics, on and off the water - not to mention protecting YOU and your guests from the harsh Australian elements.

Durable, UV resistant and easy-clean are just some of the protective elements you can expect from all our marine upholstery fabric collection.

Get on board with Rickys marine fabric collection. We have a fabric for all applications.

UV stabilised

Prevents fabrics from fading under intense UV rays, increasing their longevity and cleaning potential.


All our marine fabrics are waterproof, essential for extending your boat’s life on the water.

Mould and mildew resistant

Specially treated to stop moisture build up, ensuring the fabric stays clean and works effectively for longer.


Perfect on block colours, and great for adding a unique feel with individualised designs or branding.

Additional Features



  • BLISS – CANVAS - 5 year warranty
  • DOCRIL NAUTICA – 5 year warranty
  • JETTY - 5-Year warranty (includes UV)
  • NEPTUNE - 10 year warranty
  • NEPTUNE EXTRA - 10 year warranty
  • JETTY PLUS - 5-Year warranty (includes UV)

Warranty coverage runs from the date of purchase for 5 or 10 years.

Ask Ricky Richards about our comprehensive care options for marine upholstery fabrics.

Client Projects

Brikenhead Point Marina

Brikenhead Point Marina

Project By Needle & Thread Auto & Marine Upholstery
Location Birkenhead Point Marina
Fabric Docril Nautica
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The team at Needle & Thread Auto & Marine Upholstery were asked to create a new Bimini and rear storm cover on this beautiful Princess 61 Done (pictured). The solution dyed process that Docril fabrics are made with ensures long lasting colour and these fabrics are coated with Dupont Teflon which have exceptional resistance to water, high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion and stress-cracking.

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