• The Benefits of Using Block Out Materials in Print

Perfect for light control, block out materials are much-loved by marketing teams, commercial businesses and homeowners. What’s more, you can print anything onto blockout fabrics, from simple text-only designs to lavish full-colour images!

Let’s dive into the different types of printable block out fabrics and learn about duplex printing, black-backed textiles and their benefits.

What Are Block Out Textiles?

Block out textiles are designed and produced specifically to control light. Manufacturers achieve this by weaving a light-absorbing material into the fabric to prevent or ‘block out’ the light from shining through it.

Block out textiles are typically produced in one colour using polyester or vinyl, and they can be printed on, which means you can add anything to the original cut of fabric to create a custom piece – logos, text and printed images.

The purpose of block out textiles varies from keeping rooms completely in the dark to controlling background light and drawing focus to the print on a piece of custom artwork.

Applications of Block Out Textiles

In residential homes, the most common use of block out textiles is to create blinds or curtains for rooms where light control is essential – primarily, bedrooms and living spaces. Some high-end homes might opt for a bespoke piece of wall art using block out textiles, although it’s a much less common application.

Commercially, this fabric type really comes into its own and finds itself used in many different applications. Mostly, you’ll find block out textiles used for advertising and marketing communications, as well as for window cover applications in office blocks, retail spaces and public service facilities.

Popular Commercial Block Out Textile Applications:

  • Advertising signage
  • Stage decorations
  • Exhibition booths
  • Wall fabric displays
  • Banners
  • Table throws
  • Curtains and blinds

What is Duplex Printing?

Duplex printing is a process that prints two sides of a piece of fabric at once. This revolutionary printing technique produces incredible high-quality prints for use in multiple commercial applications without the need to print to separate fabrics and attach them post-print. The designs on either side of the fabric can be identical or entirely different.

While still a relatively new process, duplex printing is becoming popular for many reasons. In addition to the eye-catching, long-lasting prints it produces, the printing process is quick and uses less energy - which is great news for the eco-conscious business consumer.

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How Does Duplex Printing work?

A roll of fabric is fed vertically through parallel print rollers. The design prints onto each side of the fabric simultaneously, producing two prints of equal clarity, whether the design is the same on both sides (i.e. mirrored) or unique.

Duplex printing requires special block out fabrics to ensure the process works, with a central layer inserted between the outer layers to block the light and prevent transparency. This central layer acts as a block out sheet, retaining a consistent printable texture on the outer fabric and ensures no unsightly ‘see-through’ showing of the print to the other side. Buy Block Out Textiles Optional section

What is Black-Backed Fabric?

Black-backed fabric includes a dark backing on one side, producing a completely opaque textile with no show-through when printed on the front - even when exposed to extreme lighting. Applications include media walls, pop-up stands, exhibition display frames and wall art.

Black-Backed Fabric - Block Out Materials in Print

Ricky Richards offer a wide range of printable block out textiles available in various types and width sizes. Perfect for creating sharp graphics for indoor or outdoor marketing campaigns, these wide format materials will ensure your high-quality print stays in full focus.

For more information on printable block out textiles, contact the print media team at Ricky on 02 9733 3333 or email: sales@rickyrichards.com.au