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How to make Winter camping a breeze?

Camping during the Australian Winter is a popular and fun activity. With so many families now focused on buying a caravan or campervan, it is no surprise that trips have become an all year-round leisure activity. In January 2016, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia released a report stating that the number of caravans registered nation wide had increase by 30.7% since 2011 and that number will continue to grow.

If you are planning to camp during the Winter, here are some tips on how you can make your trip even more enjoyable.

Below are 3 accessories you can install to ensure you are well prepared for the chilly weather.

  1. Annexe Walls: if caravan awnings do not have walls, this would be a key element to install before facing the cold. Not only will caravan annexe walls provide extra space that will shelter them, the walls will offer insulation to the caravan itself.
  2. Draught Skirt: install a draught skirt to prevent rain getting under the caravan. Keeping the ground dry will assist keeping the van warmer.
  3. Groundsheets: Lay down groundsheets with rubber flooring under the caravan awning (in the annexe). Don’t let your feet touch the icy ground without this barrier.

At Ricky Richards we have a wide range of caravan and camping fabrics that will ensure your customers are protected during Winter. They are ideal for all the above-mentioned applications. The camping fabrics are fire retardant, waterproof and 100% blockout which guarantees to protect you from winter elements such as the rain, maintaining a warm dry environment.

The designs and colours in the collection have been specifically chosen to complement existing caravan colour schemes.

See the most suitable fabric to create the perfect caravan and camping accessory on Ricky Richards website.