• Ronnies Ramble S2, E22: Staff Takeover - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Do you set yourself career goals?

As much as we all love our work – which, at Ricky Richards, we do – it’s great to imagine and plan what we might be doing in a few years. 

You may have a burning desire to take a left turn on your career path and do something completely different to what you do today. A change in profession or responsibilities – maybe a move into people management. 

Or your goal has nothing to do with working for a living. Perhaps that IS the goal - to remove paid work from your life altogether! 


Intrigued about what makes our people tick, we thought it would be fun to ask our staff to ramble about their 5-year vision. 

Who on the team is a budding entrepreneur with their sights set firmly on creating their own business one day? 

Who fancies taking early retirement and a life filled with travelling? 

A lottery win would sure help a few of our team members along their path, that’s for sure. 


But there was one thing everyone agreed on. Think you can guess what it was? 

Listen to our latest staff ramblings in this video and find out! 

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