• The Difference is Your Point of Difference so be Proud

Over many years we have often looked at what makes Ricky Richards the company that it is. After 35 years in business one looks to find what makes one tick and if the clock is still running with some precision. When assessments are done, the same old standards still hold true and like cream rises to the top. Good people, attitudes, suppliers and an attention to doing what you do well are usually the foundation blocks on which a good business is built. While your company may adhere to some of these principles if not all of them, there are many other companies that compete with you who do the same thing. So, what makes you special?

In Australia, we have a very understated approach to this situation. We generally go about our business and often minimise our achievements. It is the little things that we do that sets us apart from our competitors and it is these things that should be actively promoted.

Social media platforms now allow us to advertise our achievements to a greater audience than ever before in the history of the world. So why don’t we? Scared of being labelled a “showoff”? Think that it is “un-Australian”? Changing your thinking can just as easily lead to a “showoff” becoming proud of their work. Being proactive about your achievements rather than reactive to the accolades should become very Australian.

Around the time of Federation, Australia was arguably one of the richest countries in the world with per capita income very high. Although we are no longer at that level, there should be little need for pessimism moving forward. We have wonderful companies in this country who not only can hold their own on the world stage, but often lead the charge with innovative technology, design and high quality manufacturing. Why do we think that we need to “dumb it down”? There is just no need to compete with finished goods that are imported from low cost countries with low attention to quality, when for a relatively small amount more, a high-quality Australian made product can be offered. The client is crying out for the reason(s) to spend more money – GIVE IT TO THEM.

In all my years in business I have yet to meet a consumer that has intentionally asked for the worst job with the worst materials (normally I would be more succinct in my language). So why offer it up? Find your point of difference, make sure that you know it and let the world know about it as well. If you can’t back it up then you will be a “showoff”. If you can back it up you will be a great supplier who is proud of your work and will have customers who are proud to be associated with you.


Ron Gottlieb, Ricky Richards