• Ronnie's Ramble Episode 9: Remembering Norman

For a lot of us, our older siblings are people we look up to and learn from. Whether that be how to get out of trouble as a child or, in Ron’s case, some great lessons in life.  


We wanted to chat with Ronnie about Norman, his older brother who had started Ricky Richards many, many years ago, and ask what Ronnie had learned from him growing up.  


“Growing up, he was my hero – because he was my big brother.”  


Ron attributed humility as something he learned from Norman, as well as the fact that he had the ability to see the good in just about everything and retain enthusiasm about just about anything.  


“He’d walk into a shop and go ‘Look at this, look how good that is.’ and I’d go ‘It’s a cup.’ ‘Yeah, but it’s a great cup isn’t it?!’ You know? He was just like that.” 


Ron recalls that he was a really funny bloke and was absolutely unforgettable.  


After Norman’s passing, Ron has ensured he remains in contact with Normans close friends and loved ones by having dinner once or twice a year, as well as celebrating his legacy at Ricky Richards by hosting an international food day since Norman loved his food – making sure to raise a toast to his life and the impact he had on everyone he met.  


“The Limoncello will be broken out cause that was his favourite alcoholic drink of choice… And I know you’re probably not supposed to do that in the middle of the day in an office but that’s something we still do, and we don’t mind doing it!” 


“He was just one of those good blokes in life that if you were lucky enough to meet one, he was one of them.” 


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