• How To Save Electricity With Window Blinds, Awnings, And Other Window Treatments

With the interest rates continuing to rise and the cost of living increasing, there are a few tips and tricks that we can share to help naturally reduce your energy costs at home. Energy-

Saving Blinds and Window Treatments

Did you know the clever use of blinds, awnings, and other window treatments can aid in controlling the temperature of your home, year-round? External window coverings act as insulation, providing comfort without racking up heating and cooling costs.

How does it work? The best way to explain insulation through window coverings, is that when blinds are closed and awnings are down, they trap the indoor temperature inside, ultimately preventing the outside environment from impacting it. This works for every season, keeping the heat in through winter and the heat out during warmer months.

Choosing a Textile for Window Blinds and Awnings

When it comes to choosing a textile for external window blinds or awnings, it’s important that it does more than look aesthetically pleasing. After 40 years of supplying Australia with an extensive range of weather control textiles, we certainly know a thing or two! Our portfolio of window blind and awning textiles is among the best in the world for external applications.

Mesh, in addition to our 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics, are ideal to be used in both window blinds and awning applications, working hard to control the elements, including heat, rain, wind and cold. A reliable textile is the key to long lasting protection against the elements keeping your house warm in Winter and cooler in Summer.

Sun control outlook mode - Monument Blinds at Avoca Beach

Discover Mesh Window Treatments

Looking for mesh? Outlook is our collection of mesh, providing year-round protection and most of the five ranges are manufactured using greener technology, Dow Ecolibrium. They are lead, phthalate free, and the manufacturing process decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 40%. For every ten square metres of Outlook mesh (openness options 1%, 5% and 12%) used for a window blind or awning, one litre of petroleum is saved

Mesh fabrics are strong, flexible, and highly breathable, allowing air to pass through with ease; If you choose to use Outlook for outdoor blinds, air will continue to flow through even when they are fully closed. This is another way external blinds can create a cooler outdoor environment, naturally.

Looking for something suitable for external awnings? Our Docril acrylic collection reduces solar heat gain by up to 90%, when extended to ground level or out to cover the patio, alfresco dining area or beer garden, while also shielding you from rain.

Designed and manufactured in Spain, this solution-dyed acrylic incorporates colour pigments into the molecules of the fibre, creating a stronger bond than what would be achieved by dyeing the thread or the fabric itself. So, what does that mean? That means, the colour doesn’t sit on the surface, it penetrates the fibre itself ensuring colouring will last, even under the harsh Australian sun.

We hope you have discovered a little more about how you can reduce energy costs by installing external blinds and awnings. Remember they can work in your favour and control your inside temperature, year-round!

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* Photos courtesy of Avoca Beach Blinds and Jan Murphy Designs