ABC Blinds

Like Ricky Richards, ABC Blinds is a family business whose owners have been industry leaders and innovators for almost four decades. The company manufactures and distributes one of the nation’s largest ranges of indoor blinds and outdoor blinds and awnings, all to a standard which has enabled the company’s reputation and business to grow with equal vigor. ABC Blinds uses many of the textiles we supply because they regard them as facilitating, as their Co-Managing Director, Mark Brice, maintains, “the critical mix of exemplary quality, durability, and value-for-money we’re committed to delivering to all our customers”. ABC Blinds are made in WA and sold through their factory-direct showrooms and online through ABC Express.

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Julian Lowe

Sales and Marketing Manager - NEXT PRINTING

Over the past 5&1/2 years at Next Printing, we’ve built up a fantastic fabric division, recognizable as one of the leading digitally printed polyester fabric suppliers in Australia. We couldn’t have done it without the developmental assistance provided by the team at Ricky Richards. They have provided us with continuity, reliability, and consistent quality, all the foundations required to build a successful business. So, a big thanks to the team, with a massive shout out to Michael Smith, Matt Evans and Ron Gottlieb for their amazing support. Keep up the great work guys.

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Robin and Rodney Riedl


Well here goes!!! We have had the pleasure of dealing with Ricky Richards, for the last 7 years and within this time we found the professional service from the receptionist, reps and right through the Ricky Richards family has been way and beyond. The products that we source from them are well backed up with warranty, care and cleaning advice and any technical information that we might need, this allows us to produce high quality products with great support. We look forward to having a continual wonderful work relationship with the Ricky Richards team for many years to come. PS Thank you to the Ricky Richards family.

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Marty West


Ricky Richards is a valued Supplier of Blueprint Digital. We are all about Supplying our Customers with high Quality Fabric Soft Signage and Ricky Richard’s help us do just that with supplying us with the best Service and Products. They provide us with not only great Digital print media but also provide us with Friendly Service and advice for any issue with may have in the Digital Print Industry. It is a delight to deal with a company who takes so much pride in providing such great customer service. Blueprint Digital would not be where it is today if it was not for Ricky Richards.

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Sue Smith


I’ve been a long standing customer of Ricky Richards 20 years in fact, dealing often with Ricky Richards on a daily basis. It’s always a pleasure, from the moment Ricky Richards receptionist answers the call, then dealing with the fabric ordering crew, my great Sales rep, just makes life so much easier.

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Ken Dawes

Shutters Australia

How good are Ricky Richards! Reliable, helpful and nothing is too much trouble. We rely on our suppliers as partners. Dealing with the team at Ricky is easy. The reps go above and beyond. They understand our industry and what we need from our suppliers. Thanks Ricky!

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Sharon Tieman

Premier Shades - Director

We use the range of fabrics supplied by Ricky Richards as our main fabric of choice. Not only are Docril and Outlook reliable fabrics and the colour range fashionable and up to date, but the team at Ricky Richards are genuinely interested in problem solving and our success. They give honest and open advice and help with the sale and any after sales advice and service. That is why we use and recommend their range.

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Tim Fletcher

Kelmatt - Director

I have had the great please in dealing with the team at Ricky Richards for over 15 years now. The customer service and professionalism provided is second to none. The systems they have in place ensure I get the best product information available. In my opinion Ricky Richards are the best in the business, their support is very much appreciated.

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Bronwyn Ede-Mansbridge

EDE Shade Solutions - Director

We are quietly confident in saying we have worked with Ricky Richards since their opening. Over the years they have provided superior up to date products with professional & friendly service. We have an excellent rapport with our Queensland representative & can always count on him for assistance. From one family business to another, we look forward to continuing our affiliation together for many more years to come.


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Joe Pajeska

Dalekit - Managing Director

Like most of us in the industry Dalekit started off business as a rather small operation with dreams of expansion and world domination. Ricky Richards was with us from the very beginning, a supplier who has been integral to our successes every step of the way and a company that has actually taught me much about the way to run a business. Integrity is a trait that is sadly lacking in the world today but Ricky Richards has always been what I would call a measuring stick to compare ourselves to. Keeping staff and customers happy is key to survival and doing so with Integrity is the icing on the cake, Ron and his team at Ricky Richards are at the forefront of our industry in this regard. With their work with various charities and the Cancer associations Ricky Richards has once again raised the bar, the bottom line is genuinely not the be all and end all with this supplier. With a quality product on offer and fantastic team in the background backing it all up I feel proud and honoured we are a key customer of the Ricky Richards team. We were little once, struggling to survive but the same level of service has been with us all along. Thank you RR, Dalekit really do appreciate our relationship.

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