• HEIMTEXTIL, Frankfurt | Introducing the Top 4 Textile Trends for 2023

Last month, our team had the pleasure of travelling to Frankfurt to attend Heimtextil, the leading global exhibition showcasing textile industry trends back for another year.  With hundreds of exhibitors and textile samples to see, Heimtextil is a must-attend event for anyone working in our industry. And, as always, it was an incredible opportunity to learn about the latest textile trends and keep on the pulse to support ourselves and our customers. 


  So, here are the key points to know about the top four Textile Trends 2023!

The Technical Cycle:  

This textile trend is all about breathing new life into existing resources. It celebrates the transformation of pre-used, remnant textiles into re-sellable materials. Imaginations run free while unexpected processes are pursued; Think overprinting, overdying, bricolage, collage, and patchwork to create a joyful, maximalist aesthetic (Heimtextil and FranklinTill, 2023).


A celebration of zero-waste production, this textile trend sees materials recycled and reused on repeat to achieve elevated, refined designs that function just as well as their unrecycled counterparts. Practical, paired back, utilitarian, and timeless, the textile extends beyond the design to where the notion of transparency reigns (Heimtextil and FranklinTill, 2023). 

The Biological Cycle:  

Focused on the natural world, this textile trend shows a deep respect for materials and the desire to reconnect with nature. Designers explore the potential of diverse natural resources, collaborating with nature in favour of controlling it. From Earth uses tactile crafting techniques, adding richness and giving ecological, earth-born aesthetics a platform of their own (Heimtextil and FranklinTill, 2023).

Elevating organic materials through mechanical means is the ethos behind the Nature Engineered textile trend. Regenerative substances and cutting-edge techniques are combined to create smart, sophisticated textiles. With a strong focus on elevating the performance of natural materials, Nature Engineered has the potential to disrupt sectors like architecture, automotive, interior design and more (Heimtextil and FranklinTill, 2023). 

As we set our goals and plan the year ahead, it’s important to review textile trends to understand our industry, the consumer, and the ever-evolving world around us. While we might not be hand-dying silk or engineering materials from natural resources ourselves, being transparent with our customers remains vital – as is the appreciation of others in our industry driving textile trends forward to benefit our future.

Heimtextil and FranklinTill. (2023) Textiles Matter. Heimtextil Trends.