Why is it important to have a manufacturing base in your home country? In the very 1st episode of season 2, Ron gives us a raw take on the importance of locally produced and acquired resources. 

Ron explores various dimensions within life at the moment that play a crucial role in the growing importance of home base manufacturing from the current political climate, to COVID, shipping rates, globalization and supply chain issues. 

These factors have meant even though, “we live a lot of times in uncertainty”, in business and in life, the uncertainty surrounding the combination of matters occurring simultaneously has meant, currently, times seem particularly uncertain. 

"Who knows what tomorrow brings", Ron says, So what does this mean for the future? 

As surely most would agree, “what you’d like to be sure is that you can get product locally produced, locally sourced when you can without having to be dependent on other parts of the world”. 

He believes, the “best thing in life is to have choice, isn’t it?” 

Listen to Ron get real about multi-dimensionality of home-base goods and their production in the latest episode of Ronnie's Ramble. You can find some more episodes here.