• Ronnies Ramble Episode 13: Hiring Great Leaders

“The interviewing process is a very interesting dynamic.” In this episode of Ronnie’s Ramble, Ron talks about what he’s learnt over the years when it comes to hiring and interviewing new people to join the company, as well his take on what makes a person the right fit for the company.  


“As soon as you employee people… everybody is on their best behaviour.” 


Ron acknowledges the interview process is an interesting time where candidates highlight their best selves, but the company also highlights their best in order to sell itself to the candidate.  


The interview process might involve 2nd stage and 3rd stage interviews where more people in the team are involved to make sure everyone is on the same page. And the ultimate question will arise… 


“Do they fit?” 


This is the golden question that Ron believes as the owner of the company is not for him to answer but for the people actually working at the company to answer, because they will be best to find a cultural fit and will have to be the ones to work with the new person on a day-to-day basis.  


“Culturally it’s a big deal… someone could be really good at their job… but if you know that they’re not going to fit your culture, there’s a chance they’ll be a square peg in a round hole.” 


Ron believes culture will ultimately override the person’s skillset because if it’s not the right fit, it won’t benefit the company but it also won’t benefit the new person because you can always earn money but you can’t get time back.  


“Employing people no matter what is a difficult task and you got to be fairly confident in knowing where you’re going.” 


Ron has also discovered the various questions you’re not allowed to ask in the interview process and surprisingly he might ask these questions anyway, because he is genuinely interested in getting to know people better.