• Neptune - Sailing Through Excellence in Marine Textiles

Embark on a journey through the seas of innovation with Neptune, our flagship product in the Marine Textiles division. Designed and crafted in Europe, Neptune is a promise of smooth sailing and cool environments. Navigate through the exceptional features and applications that make Neptune the epitome of excellence in marine and outdoor projects. 

The Essence of Neptune - Crafted for Excellence
Neptune, a solution-dyed acrylic wonder, with duality comprising of durability and style. Crafted with precision, this European-designed fabric ensures your marine projects and outdoor spaces stand out with exceptional quality. 


The Palette of Excellence - Modern Marine Colours Unveiled
Dive into Neptune's modern marine colour palette that adds a touch of sophistication to every project. With two qualities to choose from, Neptune boasts a premium water repellence treatment, while Neptune Extra goes further with a high-performing waterproof acrylic backing. 

Applications That Sail Beyond Boundaries
Whether it’s Biminis, Dodgers and Covers marine covers and hoods, or to general covers and outdoor umbrellas, Neptune emerges as the fabric of choice for those who seek excellence in every stitch. Its versatility knows no bounds, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. 


Features That Define Neptune's Excellence 

  • Solution Dyed Acrylic: Neptune is manufactured with solution-dyed acrylic yarn. This technology provides exceptional colour stability, durability, and performance under harsh Australian elements. Using the solution dying method, the colour becomes an integral part of the yarn through to the core which means Neptune fabrics are some of the most colourfast in the textile industry. 
  • UV Stabilised: Neptune fabrics are UV stabilised which prevents them from fading under intense UV rays. It also increases the textiles' longevity and ensures easy cleaning. 
  • Water Resistant: Neptune is finished with a premium water repellent treatment, which also provides easy cleaning. 
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant: Neptune textiles have been finished with a treatment that provides ease of maintenance by inhibiting mould and mildew growth. It also improves the textiles’ longevity and makes for easy cleaning. 
  • 10-Year Warranty: Neptune is a high-performing fabric that is supported with a 10-year warranty. Comprehensive care details are available from Ricky Richards by request. 

Neptune Extra - Beyond Expectations with Waterproof Excellence
Explore the added benefits of Neptune Extra, where the waterproof acrylic backing gives you that added layer of protection. Doesn't matter if it's a marine cover or an outdoor umbrella, Neptune Extra ensures that every project remains dry and pristine. 

As we sail through the features and applications of Neptune, it's evident that this solution-dyed acrylic is more than just a fabric. Ricky's dedication to quality shines through in every thread of Neptune. Set sail for a new era in Marine Textiles with Neptune - where durability, style, and reliability converge together. Neptune epitomises the essence of the Ricky Promise, embodying the core values of quality, reliability, and exemplary service. With its robust construction, backed by a solid warranty and the assurance of Ricky's commitment to excellence, Neptune stands as a testament to trust and reliability in the realm of technical textiles. Choosing Neptune ensures not just superior performance, but also peace of mind, knowing that you're investing in a product that upholds the highest standards of quality and integrity, synonymous with the Ricky legacy.