• Ronnie's Ramble Season 2, Episode 3: The Importance of Tradeshows

If you haven’t been to a tradeshow or are new to the idea, it’s probably insightful to understand what tradeshows are and what happens there. 


Ron describes them as an event where “like-minded people get together and meet and talk about the industry or industries they’re involved in”. 


It’s not surprising to most that, particularly with the cost of business across all industries going up, like many other commodities or activities one does as a business – there is a cost attached to them. This seems to be “the biggest overriding issue for people” is the associated costs. 


While Ron agrees that “that’s a fair point”,  he also points out that it’s part of the cost of doing business in reflecting how "going into business is a lot of money and when you first went into business there were no guarantees.” 


The question then lays do tradeshows make a difference in business and what can you get out of them? 


Well, how could they not be critical? How could it not be useful? 


He says similarly to doing business, as in life, “there is no guarantee... but you have to have a crack”. 


It really is sometimes a luck of the draw, even if something reads well, but “if you get one idea out of any tradeshow... a new product, new supplier, some customers” it’s all worth it. 


Tradeshows it seems are all about the “dynamic” or the atmosphere – there's something in the air.  


The main point Ron notes is “you get out of it what you put into it”. 


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