• Sioen & Ricky Richards – dedicated to social responsibility
As corporate social responsibility begins to take hold within the business world, at Ricky Richards, our aim is to ensure that this is not just another buzzword that we pay lip service too.

We have long been passionate supporters of various causes and are committed to giving back to the community especially through our support of Melanoma Australia and the Sydney Children’s Hospital (you can read more about our support here).

However, it is also becoming increasingly more important to look to partner with businesses whose own vision and social responsibility goals are aligned with your own. That is why we are excited to share our PVC supplier Sioen’s, new Corporate Social Responsibility announcement and website.

Partners with shared goals

Being a second-generation family business, Sioen, like Ricky Richards share the same family values and a strong sense of community. They are also an innovative and forward-thinking business – another quality we value in our close partners, helping us to fulfil our mission of providing the highest quality products to our customers.

Sioen and Ricky Richards also share a commitment and dedication to social responsibility too.

Even their slogan - Protection through Innovation – borne of a mission to make people’s lives better, strongly conveys their dedication to corporate social responsibility.

The causes supported by Sioen range across educational, health, diversity, anti-poverty, and of course sustainability and the environment.

Environmental concerns are of particular emphasis

Working toward a sustainable future for our planet is a central focus and below are just a few of the ways Sioen are making a beneficial impact.

  • Making products that have a positive societal effect through innovation
  • Creating materials that reduce transport and carbon impact
  • Use of renewable energy and biodegradable fabrics
  • Increasing product longevity
  • Extensive support of global causes
You can watch their video to find out more here: https://csr.sioen.com/en

Investing in partnerships that benefit our clients, the environment and the wider community is part of our philosophy here at Ricky Richards, and as environmental concerns escalate, we will continue to work with partners who incorporate sustainable measures into their manufacturing.

This will not only help reinforce our dedication to providing reliable products that offer longevity and premium quality, but also support our philosophy of practising social responsibility.

If social responsibility is important to your business, you can be confident in knowing that your Ricky Richards sourced products are sustainable and created by businesses dedicated to making a difference.

Get in touch with our Technical Textiles team to find out more about Sioen’s range of products.