• Choose Your Marketing Tools

At Ricky Richards, we offer a variety of sales and marketing tools to support your business when promoting our popular awning fabric brands. Whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, Ricky Richards can customise marketing packages to best support your requirements. From display stands, sample books, and brochures to wall posters, video demonstrations and online support, you can choose the tools that best work for your business.

We know that presentation is everything so we want you to have the best sample books in the business! By studying market trends, discussing innovations with sample makers, and obtaining feedback from our customers, we are able to offer you the most useful sample books available. They are functional, practical and the Outlook collection book even includes a window magnet to assist with in-home sales. The magnet adheres to the window, allowing you to step back and review the sample with your customer as you discuss the benefits of a mesh window furnishing fabric.

For showrooms, Docril and Outlook Display Stands provide an excellent opportunity to display one or both collections in a stylish, easy to use way. These displays are compact and are a great location for your customers to compare design and colour options, pattern repeats and fabric openness. For smaller showrooms or to dress up showroom walls, wall posters are available to help promote the many options on offer.

Colour Brochures are ideal to leave with your customers when quoting as these brochures provide product information, and show lifestyle images and colour and design options long after your showroom meeting or sales call.

For product support, you can visit www.awningfabrics.com.au, a dedicated microsite to view the core Ricky Richards awning fabric brands. This site was developed to give your team a direct link to product specifications and a user friendly comparison table that is helpful for comparing fabrics and determining the most suitable product for an application. In addition to this the Ricky Richards Live Chat function on our main site is a great place for your team to get product support and questions answered instantly.

We love to showcase customer projects across our social media platforms! Social media has become a major element of our marketing strategy, and by connecting with Ricky Richards on social media you too can support your own social media initiatives by increasing views and company exposure. Be sure to send us photos and project information as we are always happy to showcase great work.

Logos, colour thumbnails and images of products are available for you to use on your own marketing materials and web platforms. The Ricky Richards marketing team are available to help you with files to upload to your own website, or we’ll provide you with URL links to link back to brands on the Ricky Richards main site. Our awning fabrics are part of the Melanoma Institute Partnership program and there are additional logo options available for use for customers supporting this program.

Video demonstrations are an impactful way to highlight product features. Ricky Richards has a YouTube platform and you may link to this from your own website or you can upload our videos to mobile devices to use in your own staff or customer presentations.

Finally, staff training and presentations are our specialty! The Ricky Richards team are happy to support you and your team with product training and presentations of our brands. Training and education is imperative, and with our support we can help you reach a wider audience to support your business growth and development.

Contact the friendly Richards Window Furnishing Team today to choose your marketing tools! We look forward to helping you.