Blinds that protect you in more ways than one


In Australia, we are fortunate to have the sun shining all year around. Ricky Richards Outlook Mode Privacy fabric is perfect for Australian outdoor space as it protects you from the cold winter elements and strong sun shine in summer. Straight drop blinds are perfect for your alfresco entertaining space or for enclosing a balcony. When made with Ricky Richards Outlook Mode Privacy fabric, you can be certain of 5 very important things:

  1. Extend your summer. Straight drop blinds can give you extra entertaining space all year round. Ricky Richards Mode Privacy has a 99% shade factor meaning that you will be well protected from the wind and rain. Check out the video.

  1.  A perfect outside view. Due to its unique weave, Mode Privacy mesh fabric allows you to see out without allowing the neighbors see in. This means that your straight drop blind ensures an uninterrupted view while you feel safe knowing no one can see in.


  1.  10-year full fabric warranty. Mode Privacy is supported by a 10-year warranty which covers changes in physical properties and is valid from the date of purchase.


  1.  A cleaner PVC mesh. Mode Privacy is lead and phthalate free and uses Dow Equilibrium in its plasticizer formulation. This allows it to be a more sustainable option than other products. Click to download datasheet.


  1.  Support a National Charity. A percentage of the sale of all Mode Privacy fabric will be donated to Melanoma Institute Australia. This supports vital research to cure melanoma worldwide and is another way to protect the community.

So, remember with a straight drop blind made from Ricky Richards Mode Privacy you can enjoy your outdoor living area throughout the year. If you would like further information on blinds, awnings or Mode Privacy fabric go to: