What fabrics to use on your boat?

There are many types of fabrics to use that will enhance your boating life. Whether you need a bimini for sunshade, outdoor cushions or a boat cover for storage, there is an ideal fabric to use for the application.

Let’s start with a bimini. For those that don’t know, a bimini is a boat canopy or hood that is supported by a metal frame. Biminis are collapsible and when in use, they protect you from the sun and light rain.  Both solution dyed acrylic and coated solution dyed polyester can be used for this type of application.

If you would like to place side panels on your boat for further protection from the elements, Docril solution dyed acrylic is ideal. Most fabrics start out as colourless fibres that are spun into yarn and then dyed with a colour whereas, the solution-dyed acrylic fabric has the pigment added during the fibre making process before the yarn is created. This means that the fabric has an extremely high resistance to fading.

When it comes to decorating your boat with comfortable cushions, Docril Garden fabrics come in a broad range of colours and patterns. This fabric is ideal for outdoor cushions due to its longevity characteristics, mildew resistance and soft touch.

Finally, on land or sea, a boat needs a cover to protect it from the weather if it is not going to be used. In this instance, both Docril solution dyed acrylic and Jetty coated solution dyed polyester can be used. Either product provides excellent results for fade resistance and abrasion resistance.

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