• Sales challenges: Ronnie's Ramble Episode 3

When the Gottlieb family founded Ricky Richards in 1983, the sales and marketing landscape was far different from today. 

Forget about automated marketing campaigns, customer database software and complex digital sales funnels, let alone email, websites and social media – or even the humble fax machine! 

Yet the biggest sales challenge the Gottliebs faced is one new businesses continue to face today: they couldn’t make any sales. 

For Ricky Richards, the solution was something that’s as relevant nowadays as it was back in the eighties: building strong relationships with customers, growing trust in your brand, and, of course, lots of hard work. 

 “We would have lists of customers and we’d call, we’d send out samples, we’d go and visit, we’d do whatever we needed to do to try and get some business… 

And then all of a sudden some people said, alright, we’ll give these guys a go. 

There we were, just two brothers with a few staff doing our best, and some people trusted us or were happy to give us an opportunity and said, alright, we’ll buy one of your rolls of fabric.  

And away we went.” 

From these humble beginnings, Ricky Richards grew organically as customer demand increased, setting us on track to becoming Australia’s leading supplier of specialised textiles. 

Watch the video here.