For many, a business name is simply a name under which you conduct a business.  

This was certainly the case for Ron’s brother Norman when he established Ricky back in 1984 and was looking for a good name to use.  

So where did the name "Ricky Richards" come from and why didn't Ron and his brother opt for a more traditional textile industry-appropriate name?  

“Our father had a shelf company from days in the past…Ricky Richards was actually a manufacturer of ladies’ wear in the 60’s.  

And when Norman started, he had no money. There was this company called Ricky Richards and that was it.” 

Whilst some start-ups go through a long process to before they arrive at the most appropriate business name, Ron and Norman struck gold from a decision based on necessity.  

There was no meaning, it was just a catchy name. 

Ron recalls that competitors made fun of the name, but luckily the customers and suppliers didn’t care. In fact, it actually gave them a bit of free publicity! 

As the company grew, many suggested that Ricky should change their name to include a relevant word such as ‘textiles’ 

But for Ron, that’s not an option – now or ever. 

“We are Ricky Richards. That’s who we are, and that’s who we’ll stay.” 

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