• Australia’s biggest Bakslap event

Last year more than 1,000 people packed Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast Queensland for the inaugural Australia’s Biggest Bakslap event to get as many people together applying sunscreen as possible.

While Covid-19 has put a dampener on our ability to come together, it has not changed the impact of the sun’s harmful rays and the importance of sun protection that this fun, safety awareness event started last in Mooloolaba.

 To keep the message of sun awareness going this year Founder and creator of bakslap, Raphael McGowan took the massive sunscreen application event from our beaches to our screens with an interactive game allowing people of all ages to apply sunscreen and sun safety items to avatars.

 “Anyone, anywhere on their phone or PC can show they are sun safe this year and helping to spread the important message of keeping protected outdoors, especially this Summer,” Mr McGowan said.

 “Our aim is to have as many young people as possible participating in the simultaneous sunscreen application game because they are in a high-risk category for melanoma.

 “COVID restrictions meant we were not able to build on last year’s huge success with thousands of people across different locations bak'slappin on some sunscreen and making a powerful visual statement in their region, but we’re excited to see how people interact with this virtual environment.

 “The sun safety message, creating awareness around it and the sun’s potential dangers requires constant innovation, so this year we’re having a crack at a new approach.”

 After this Summer sun smart campaign, Mr McGowan plans to work with the Department of Education in Queensland and other states and work with staff and students to create a new, fun, interactive, phone-based tech game about sun safety for kids. 

 “It's the ideal age to arm the next generation with the best way to have fun in the sun but enjoy it responsibly,” he said.

 Ricky Richards is the major sponsor for this year's event and wants to see this event continue to grow in popularity and increase awareness of the sun safe message.

 “The team at Ricky Richards have been incredible in supporting this event last year and this year. The partnership is invaluable and without it we simply couldn’t get the public involved and raise awareness – I’m deeply thankful for their support and can’t wait to see what we do together next,” Mr McGowan said.


 Date:  Sat 12 Dec 2020

Time:  Starts Midnight so jump online anytime Sat 12 Dec until 11.59pm to participate.

Location: https://bakslap.com/

Registration: https://bakslap.com/ - register anytime

What’s on: Set a World Record of the largest number of people in Australia applying sunscreen *virtually* via an interactive game on the same day.

Raphael McGowan shows his brothers how the game works for bakslap sunscreen challenge
IMAGE: 2020 ready. Raphael McGowan, shows his brother Pud McGowan and mate Fletch how the game works this year for Australia's Biggest bakslap sunscreen challenge.