How do you apply Squid?

Here is a short demonstration video from Paul, a product specialist here at Ricky Richards on how you can apply Squid, the transparent window film.

Squid is a transparent, self-adhesive textile that gives you privacy during the day, reduces the sun’s harmful rays whilst giving you plenty of natural light to enjoy. It’s popular because of its versatility, it can be cut in any size and simple to apply which is what we’ll be covering in this video.

The equipment you will need includes a:

  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • A squeegee
  • Plastic scraper or ruler
  • A sharp utility knife
  • A bucket of water
  • A long ruler
  • Methylated spirits or ammonia
  • Roll of Squid

Step 1

Is to prepare and clean your window. We recommend adding some ammonia to a bucket of water or your preferred cleaning solution to remove all of the dirt and grease off the surface area. Thoroughly clean and dry the window using a squeegee.

Step 2

Cut Squid to the right size, measure your window and cut off the surplus squid making sure you leave an overlap of at least 5 cm on all four sides.

Step 3

Apply the first strip of Squid. Take the first strip of Squid and pull back around 20cm of the plastic sheet down from the back.

Stick Squid to the top of the window frame so that the edges go beyond the top and side of the glass surface. Pull the backing sheet down a bit further and let Squid rest against the window gently without using any force. Then use a spatula to press Squid down, from the middle to the outside so it sticks to the window. Work down carefully. Make sure all air bubbles are removed.

Handy Tip

In the event of any air bubbles or creases, pull Squid away from the window gently, and then allow it to rest against the window again.

Step 4

Apply any additional strips of Squid. If you have a particularly large window you may need to apply an additional strip of Squid. Take the second strip and use the same method to stick it onto the window next to the first strip. Make sure the second strip is positioned in the same direction as the 1st strip and there is a partial overlap against the first strip. Work in stages and apply the Squid without any tension.

Step 5: Finishing

Press Squid firmly into the corners and edges. Using a new blade, press your plastic scraper against the rubber seal to protect it and use it as a guide to cut the excess strip off. Make sure the excess doesn’t fall on the ground as this is your buffer strip. Hang this to the side for now. Open the overlap by carefully folding both sides open. Place the buffer strip under the first strip in the position where the overlap will be. Iron out the second strip smoothly again and press firmly with the scraper. Cut all the surplus edges from the sides and in the four corners. Break the blade for a fresh blade to prepare for the most important cut. Take a long ruler and cut the three layers of Squid with a single cut as straight as possible all the way.

Handy Tip

Use a sharp fresh blade and avoid cutting the same area twice.


Carefully remove the buffer strip and the two overlapping sections. Iron out the two stirps neatly next to each other. Finally, press the Squid down firmly all over the window to activate the glue. Step back and enjoy your handy work!

So that’s how you apply Squid on a window.

For more information about Squid or our extensive range of sun control and technical textiles visit the website or give us a call.