Marine Fabrics available from Ricky

Ricky is excited to announce that they now offer a complete range of Marine fabrics to suit every project. Each & every one of these fabrics have been designed & produced to ensure longevity.

Jetty 100% solution dyed polyester, Jetty is waterproof, UV stabilised and is ideal for outdoor umbrellas and all marine projects. Supported by a 5-year warranty and available in 10 colours, you can be sure there is an option to suit every project.

GlacierThis is a clear PVC ideal for applications that require light transmission, weather protection and clear visibility.

Docril NauticaWith all the same features as the standard Docril collection, Docril Nautica offers a waterproof solution dyed acrylic option for all marine projects. Nautica’s advanced water-based polyurethane coating is a much cleaner alternative to most other waterproof acrylics and polyesters, which use more traditional solvent based polyurethane coatings.

Docril Binding – With 18 colours to choose from this binding tape is used for aesthetic purposes in creating a finished edge on the fabric used for marine projects or awnings.

Contact the Ricky Technical Textiles experts on 029735 3333 or to find out more.