• Learning from Mistakes: Ronnie's Ramble Episode 6
How do you turn things around when you've made a decision in business that might not have turned out for the best? In episode 6, Ron gives us a raw take on dealing with mistakes. 

Mistakes can happen because of buying judgements, hiring errors or even product selections.  

Ron recalls a situation in the late 80's when an error caused the team a significant failure and loss of money.  He can't help but see the bright side.

He says, "Did I learn a lesson? Well, anything I ever learnt cost me money."

Mistakes are not uncommon in start-ups. Or even in established businesses. What is uncommon though, is using a mistake to your advantage and turning it into a positive. "We hurt," he continues. "But we always had a philosophy in this place. Out of something bad, comes something good".  

Listen to Ron get real about making mistakes in business in the latest episode of Ronnie's Ramble. You can find some more episodes here.