• What is Squid and it's applications?

What is squid?

Blinds and shutters are great for privacy but do end up blocking most of the sun’s natural light and of course your own view. Adhesive window films on the other hand can reduce privacy but aren’t easy to set up and can sometimes have a cheap plastic finish.

This is where Squid comes in. Squid is a transparent, self-adhesive textile that gives you privacy during the day, reduces harsh glare and heat from the sun whilst still giving you plenty of natural light to enjoy. Unlike curtains or window film, Squid actually reflects the sun’s harmful rays, up to one third to be exact and reduces the sensing temperature of a window by about 3 degrees Celsius. Squid is a unique type of patented fabric that has a beautifully textured look and feel close up.

The fabric is woven with polyester threads to give it a soft, warm feel. What’s more, it’s easy to clean! You can remove stains from food or liquids without any problems. Squid is also moisture and heat resistant so it will maintain its premium look and feel for years to come. During the day, Squid is transparent and still allows you a view but prevents people from looking in from the outside. Once it gets dark and the lights are on, those on the outside will be able to see in which is why Squid is the perfect complement to blackout curtains or roller blinds.

Thanks to Squid you no longer need to keep your blinds closed to protect your privacy during the day. Squid can be cut to suit any shape, especially those awkward windows. It comes in a variety of colours and can also have any digital design printed on the fabric which is ideal for personalising your space. Both designers and architects can bring to life their vision with this innovative textile.

Squid’s flexibility and ease of applications make it popular for both home and business. From bathrooms to kitchens to bedrooms, check out the creative ways customers at home have applied Squid on our website. Squid is equally as powerful in the workplace and ideal for reducing outside glare or adding a touch of privacy between offices and large windows.

For more information about Squid or our extensive range of sun control and technical textiles visit the website or give us a call.