• MEET THE TEAM: Geoff Reid, Customer Experience Manager

Geoff joined the Ricky team in 2019 and since has spent many hours on the phone assisting customers and ensuring all their needs are met. He describes himself as a restless creative problem solver and always answers yes, before working out the solution. This need to please has always worked in his favour!  Geoff loves the Australian cricket team and the NRL West Tigers (let’s not hold that against him) and if he could be a superhero for a day, he would choose any of them that can fly.

This week Geoff shares a few fun facts for you to get to know him better and a couple of tips for anyone in trying to break into a customer service role.

Describe the Ricky culture:
Unique. I have never worked at a company quite like Ricky.

Favourite thing about your job:
The people, the people, and the people! Great bunch of people who work hard for our customers.

Top tips for anyone trying to break into your field: Do what you say, be honest, and always think about finding solutions.

Favourite Ricky product:
All products in our Outlook mesh range.

Geoff is committed to our customers, just like all of us here at Ricky. Don’t hesitate to contact him or the team when you need to find the right textiles for your projects.

Call him on 02 9735 3333 or send him an email: geoffr@rickyrichards.com.au