• MEET THE TEAM: Paul Volona, Senior Business Development Manager, NSW

Paul joined the team in July 2016 and since then has spent quality time developing friendly yet professional relationships with each one of his customers. For those that have the pleasure of spending time with Paul will know that he is our resident hugger and whenever you need to smile, or feel safe, he is your guy!

Having over twenty years’ experience working with textiles and sun control fabrics, Paul is always happy to share his knowledge with anyone that asks. Paul is a huge Marvel fan, so would like to be any one of those superheroes for a day and one day travelling all over Canada is something he would love to do.

This week Paul shares a few fun facts for you to get to know him better and a couple of tips for anyone trying to break into sales.

Describe the Ricky culture:

Infectious. In a good way. Everyone at Ricky smiles, laughs and enjoys each other’s company. This spreads to our friends and customers in the industry and we find many people love to hang around us. And we love that! 

Favourite thing about your job:

Being able to assist my customers in many ways and finding solutions! 

Top tips for anyone trying to break into your field:

Be honest, punctual, persistent (never give up), know the ‘ins and outs’ of the products, and always go through with what you promise. 

Favourite Ricky product:

The Outlook collection! This mesh fabric really is the best on the market. With so many features, it sells itself and leaves me room to chat about the benefits.

Paul Volona, Senior Business Development Manager, NSW

Paul is committed to our customers, just like all of us here at Ricky. Don’t hesitate to contact him or the team when you need to find the right printable media and textiles for your projects.

Call him on 02 9735 3333 or send him an email: paulv@rickyrichards.com.au