• A reactive approach: Ronnie's Ramble Episode 4

You’ve probably heard more than once that being a reactive salesperson is not always the best strategy.

After all, being proactive means being able to identify what your customers desire, defining trends and needs and paving the way for a business to become leaders in their market. 

Whilst proactive selling is an approach all businesses should aspire to incorporate into their sales model, a reactive approach is something that will likely dominate any business when starting up. A successful reactive approach demands flexibility and adaptability – two things that start-ups can offer over larger and more established businesses.

Proactive selling was quite different in the days before the internet.

As Ron recalls ‘You’d get magazines…or you might read something in a newspaper that might have got your interest up on something, and you might decide to move into a market that way.’

Watch Ron talk about Ricky’s approach to selling in the early days of the business, all in the latest episode of Ronnie's Ramble. You can find some more episodes here.