• The two year anniversary of the

July 1 2017, marked the two year anniversary of the partnership between Ricky Richards and Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA), and both camps are extremely excited to announce that during this time more than $200,000 has been donated toward melanoma research.

For every sun control fabric purchased from Ricky Richards, a percentage of the sale goes to MIA to support vital research. A few years ago, Ron Gottlieb, Ricky Richards Director, recognised how important it is for a business to “give back” to the community and support a charity that aligns with one’s own business values. He contacted MIA and out of a short conversation came a wonderful partnership.

Earlier this year when MIA announced it was seeking people to trek the Great Wall of China it was no surprise that the team at Ricky took an interest. Kathryn Polgar, General Manager, decided to step up and sign up for the challenge. Not only will funds be raised, but Kathryn along with her China Trek team mates will push themselves to limits they didn’t know they had and complete a hard 5-day trek on the Great Wall. Once she had registered Kathryn decided to involve another Ricky staff member in this experience. She offered all Ricky team members the chance to put themselves forward and volunteer to fill another spot on the Trek and go with her. Kathryn asked MIA representatives to be the judge and choose the lucky winner. Michael Smith, BDM for the Ricky Print Media Division was chosen and he could not be happier.

“Spot, Pinkie, Pinkie Tescadero, Red, I’ve been called them all because of my pasty white freckled skin thanks to my Scottish heritage. Because of this I’ve always made sure I religiously slipped, slopped & slapped.” Michael explained in his story.

After being so diligent Michael was not only surprised but disappointed recently to find that he had a melanoma on his lower back. If it wasn’t for what he had already learnt through the partnership between Ricky Richards and MIA, he can guarantee it would still be there under the “She’ll be right mate” clause.

Ricky Richards has sponsored Kathryn and Michael to go on the China Trek meaning 100% of your donation will go directly to MIA and help find a cure for melanoma. You can follow the progress or jump online to donate at: miagreatwallofchinatrek2017.gofundraise.com.au/page/KathrynandMichael

Take the steps and help us end melanoma!