• Ronnies Ramble S2, E17: The Team Culture at Ricky Richards

The changes with remote working environments over the past few years have definitely tested workplace cultures, including Ricky Richards. But part of a good culture at work is having people who enjoy being at work together.  


“I think the favourite part about it is people get on with each other at Ricky Richards” says Ron about the culture built at Ricky Richards. The friendships transcend beyond the workplace, even with the challenges of working remotely, to the point where “lifelong friendships” have been made, even when people move on from Ricky Richards. 


“You can feel it… you just feel that little hubbub, you feel the chirping of people talking to each other.” Ron describes the energy exchange by having the team come to the office especially at lunch to share as much or as little of their lives with colleagues. While working and earning money is a fact of the society we live in, being able to enjoy work and enjoy your colleagues as friends is a “really neat thing”.  


Another aspect of Ricky Richard’s culture encourages the staff to get involved with causes that are closely tied to the Ricky Richards ethos, including the Melanoma Institute Australia, Australian Skin Cancer Foundation and the Sydney Children’s Hospital.  


“There’s always been a healthy representation of Ricky personnel at various marches… that means that people have embraced the cause. So, I think that’s really cool.” 


Even the Children’s Hospital Days, staff from Ricky Richards have volunteered their time to go and help distribute gifts to sick children – another cause close to Ricky Richards. “It’s a real eye opener when you go to those sorts of things and really see technically the difference that we’re making.”  


“Just do the right thing.” A mantra that floats around at Ricky Richards and part of our core values that underpins the culture.  


“If you have a real desire to do the right thing, why not?” says Ron. “It’s just part of what we try and do.” 


Ron believes that if you do the right thing, this will eventually resonate with the people in the organisation and will be part and parcel of your culture.  


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