• Ronnie's Ramble Episode 12: Maintaing Passion for Your Work

When working within the same industry for many years, it’s understandable for many to feel burnt-out or bored of their work – Somehow Ronnie manages to bypass this and retain a huge love for the work Ricky Richards does. We wanted to sit down and ask how he maintains such a strong passion for his work. 


“I turn up every day. Love it. I don’t ever want to retire. Just love being at work!” Ron laments, joking that his wife would be unhappy if he did retire! 


Something Ron credits is how younger people new to the world of the textiles industry get him and his co-workers energised as they bring in fresh new ideas and excitement to learning new things as they work. 


“People can come and do their job and have an opportunity to succeed… Success breeds success.”  


Sometimes when work feels hard and tough, Ron says you just have to ride it out in order to reap the success of sticking together through the hard times. 


Ron acknowledges that he and his brother Norman were fortunate to have success in their life and find being able to offer being part of the success to others with similar passions for the textiles industry or related roles – whether they stay at Ricky Richards for a long or short time – to be a great part of the Ricky Richards story. 


“They’re coming in wide-eyed and want to achieve and want to do their job really well – that’s really cool.”  


Ron even admits that even when people choose to spread their wings and move on after growing a career with Ricky Richards, it’s still great to see people grow and thrive. 


“It sounds a bit egotistical doesn’t it really, but it’s not meant to be. It’s a cool thing.” 


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