lightbox display

Enhance your advertising with a lightbox display

Lightboxes are a popular way to display your company, its products and services to customers. Indoors or out, lightboxes showcase provides some of the most creative and effective ads in the world. They work by taking a standard display box and incorporating light strips to create a glowing backdrop that grabs attention. Your image is then printed on a backlit textile and tensioned into the frame system.


While there are many printable textiles available for lightbox displays, it is critical to use a high quality fabric to enhance your advertising best. A crease-free textile will allow you to enjoy a premium print while affording you the ability to fold it, store it, ship it and reuse it at will with no adverse effects.


At Ricky Richards our number one selling textile for lightboxes is Samba. A European developed textile designed especially for backlit displays, Samba is available up to 320cm wide for large format installations and is also fire retardant which is important for internal applications.

Michael Smith, Ricky Richards Print Media expert, says “Samba has revolutionised the backlit textile market worldwide and is widely acknowledged as the market leader. Its fabric structure provides outstanding backlit imaging qualities, and its surface coating system provides suitability for a diverse range of applications across multiple printer platforms. Samba is a product that will find a home in many markets.”


If you would like more information on Samba or Ricky Print Media products, contact our team by heading to www.RickyRichards.com.au