• The sustainable Print Media options at Ricky!

The need for sustainable options in the textiles industry is increasing, due to the threat of climate change and the necessity to preserve our environment for future generations. The textiles industry's contribution to increased landfills, low air quality, and harmful chemical releases is a major issue that has been realized and become quite important at Ricky Richards, specifically in our wide format printable media division, due to the short lifecycle of these products. The division has a multitude of printable textiles and wallcovering products that are environmentally conscious and do not sacrifice quality. Let’s take a look at our top three!

be.tex® Green Samba FR
With the same high quality printing capabilities as its worldclass ‘sister’ product, Samba, be.tex  Green Samba FR l is also used for light boxes, inflatables, display frame systems, banners, stand construction, bean bags, and tablecloths. Features include fire  retardancy, crease resistance, non-fraying which means it can be cold cut, and has an excellent flat lay. The sustainable point of differentiation for this material is the fact that is constructed using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, reducing the number of plastics ending up in landfills.

Dreamscape  sustainable wallcoverings

This range consists of two environmentally friendly, commercial-grade printable wall coverings. One of which is Dreamscape Terralon, made from 31% post-consumer recycled content. This product contains no PVC, plasticiser, phthalates, chlorine, halogen, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. The second is Dreamscape Nolar, a non-PVC product that is made from wood pulp and natural fibre technology. Both products contribute to cleaner air quality through their low-emission release, all whilst maintaining the same consistency and flawless reproduction as other Dreamscape products.


Polycril is a sustainable wide format printable textile made from resin-coated woven polyester and is primarily used for wallcoverings, art reproductions, and promotional banners. Features include crease resistance and fire retardance. This material’s sustainability feature is the fact that it is 100% recyclable and 100% PVC-free.

Due to the shorter use period of print media products, it is extremely important for recyclable options to be available, so as to not contribute to unnecessary waste. Ricky Richards has many more options for you to explore, or if you have any questions about this range of sustainable products call Ricky Richards today on (02) 9735 3333 or visit our website. We'd love to hear from you.

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