• Overview of Pongs Textiles and It's Products

Pongs is a premier global brand and one of the leading textile manufacturers in the world, operating in the visual merchandising, interior design, trade fair, digital printing, stage, theatre, and construction industry. 

Pongs has always kept quality and customer satisfaction as its top priority and has maintained this stance since its inception a century ago. To keep up with  rising demands for their technical textiles and fabrics, Pongs manufactures their products at a fully integrated plant in Mühltroff, Saxony, Germany. 

Everything from wrapping, knitting, weaving, and yarn spinning to the pre-treatment and finishing products is done at their integrated facility. Pongs consistently deliver high-quality service and products to customers worldwide. Engineers and researchers constantly work on the vast quality controls that all products undergo including, the testing standards of all processes  to ensure that the end products are of superior quality. 

Pongs Textiles and Its Take Towards Environmental Sustainability  

Pongs emphasizes sustainability in the production process and strives not only to comply with global environmental standards but stay below the specified limits. To achieve these results, engineers and manufacturers use the latest environmental technology and modern energy sources to ensure that resources are conserved properly. 

This ensures that the environmental impact is as low as possible and helps them manufacture products in a climate-neutral way. For the management of Pongs textiles, clean air, water, and energy conservation is not just an environmental responsibility but also a necessary contribution to the preservation and growth of the modern world. 

The companystrives to be as sustainable as possible while keeping the clients and customers happy. To ensure that they benefit from these reforms, their research and development team  is always on the look out for more eco-friendly manufacturing processes. For instance, most Pongs fabrics and textiles carry the OEKO-TEX certification, and they increasingly use yarns made of recycled polyester. Their complex air exhaust system and water-based raw materials are integrated into the manufacturing process to comply with legal requirements and create a safe working environment for all employees. 


4 Best Pongs Technical Textiles In The Market 

Pongs is not only committed to maintaining consistent product quality but is equally sustainable in its manufacturing processes. Here are the top five Pongs technical textiles in the market that are always in great demand. 

Pongs Directtex Softimage Elastico  

This digital printing textile is made of stretchable polyester that can be used for several applications. The Pongs Directtex Softimage Elastico is frequently used for making tablecloths, pop-up display systems, frame display systems, chair covers, euro poles systems, and much more. 

The fabric is made of 100 per cent polyester and can be cut into desirable sizes and lengths through cold cuts, hot cuts, and ultrasonic cuts. The material has a stretch capacity of 13.3 per cent and comes coated with B1 and M1 grade fire retardants. 

Pongs Directtex Artist Mambo  

This single-side coated polyester fabric is used mostly for making backlit tradeshow constructions and LED flat frames. Pongs Directtex Artist Mambo is made from 100 per cent polyester and is crease-resistant, fire retardant, and non-fraying. 

The Pongs technical textile offers excellent light diffusion and is suitable for dye sub, UV, and latex printing.  

Pongs Shape 320cm Shapeable Textile 

Pongs Shape 320 cm is a polyester shapeable textile used to make three-dimensional installations. If you need a technical fabric to create something that stands out from the crowd, this Pongs fabric has been handmade. 

The fabric, made of 50 per cent stainless steel wire and 50 per cent polyester, comes with light-diffusive and reflective properties. It has a slightly metallic finish and is covered with B1 fire retardants.  

Akustico - Acoustic Fabric 

If you are looking for technical fabric best suited for acoustics and making sound-optimized interiors, then Pongs Akustico is the best choice. It is a printable textile that is durable and flexible and can be used for making ceiling sails and curtains. Akustico offers excellent sound absorption and is frequently weaved on workstation partitions and upholstery to make the space soundproof. 

Pongs is a premier brand in manufacturing commercial and technical textiles. The Germany-based company stands out for its creativity and innovation while adopting sustainable practices in its manufacturing process to maintain ecological balance.