outdoor event tent

How to choose the right tent style for your outdoor event?


We all know that one of the most stressful things to plan is an outdoor event. You never know what mother nature has in store for you. Whether it is a child’s birthday party, an end of year sports award day or a fancy garden wedding, ensuring you have the right type of weather protection is extremely important. Before you contact your party supplies company, you may want to consider the following factors when hiring a tent structure of any type:

  • Where is your event going to be held?

The location where your event will be held may make a difference when choosing a tent. Pole tents require distance around the perimeter for ropes which provide the tension of the structure and keeps them upright. They are best set up on grass or ground where their stakes can be placed into to hold the tent down. Conversely, a frame tent is a free-standing tent supported by an aluminium frame with fewer stakes to put in the ground and can even be built using no stakes at all which means they can be placed on any surface.

  • How many guests will attend your event?

Your overhead structure needs to have the capacity to fit all your event attendees. They need to be comfortable and be able to move around underneath the tent. The larger the tent, the more it will affect your budget although knowing a pole tent is less expensive than a frame tent makes for a good starting point.

  • How would you like the interior to look and feel?

The atmosphere inside your tent is just as important as its functionality. Frame tents are perfect for rigging lights inside that will create the right mood for an elegant occasion. You can also choose to have walls around your tent and an entrance door. There are no supporting poles inside a frame tent so that it will give you uninterrupted space for a dance floor. However, the poles inside the pole tent tend to give you a certain elegance that comes from the high peaks they feature.

  • What fabric is used for event tents?

A highly engineered PVC fabric is ideal for event tents. This type of fabric will give you the best form of weather protection and safety. Ricky PVC fabrics are fire retardant treated, UV treated and extremely durable. To find out more, contact one of the Ricky specialists to learn about the types of fabrics used for event tents: RickyRichards.com.au/contact