Darren Best

National Sales Manager - Textiles

The new guy. Well, new to Ricky Richards because he brings 30 years of customer-focused furnishing experience to the team. He’s focused on external furnishing products. Loves hearing the relief in a customer’s voice, when they realise that even though they don’t know where to start, he already has the solution.

How long have you been with Ricky Richards?

Since 30th Jan 2017

In words that potential customers, who know nothing about this business will understand, what is your role?

Servicing clients with a unique range of External Furnishing Products

What are your professional strengths in this role?

Customer focused with 30 years of Furnishings experience.

Thinking back, what was one job that you did really well that you know made a big difference to the results achieved for the customer or your team?

Completing the jigsaw for a client recently, finding a contact to build a Dome Display Fixture in Outlook, the relief in their voice was enough as they didn’t know where to start to have the fixture built.

If there was one thing that you wished people could understand about the way you fulfil your role, what would it be?

Striving to exceed your expectations, in turn making the process of purchasing from Ricky Richards simple.

What do you hope to achieve in your role at Ricky Richards?

Longevity, success and enjoyment.