Arvin Shahbazi

Digital Marketing Coordinator

In words that potential customers, who know nothing about this business will understand, what is your role?

I am a Digital Marketer doing SEO, SEM, CRO, Email Marketing, Online Ads, Social Media Marketing and Website management & optimisation.

What are your professional strengths in this role?

I am well-organized and responsible. I have a good eye for details and always keep up-to date with new digital tools and trends.

Thinking back, what was one job that you did really well that you know made a big difference to the results achieved for the customer or your team?

I constantly look for new challenges and take initiates to improve processes and outcomes.

 If there was one thing that you wished people could understand about the way you fulfil your role, what would it be?

As a digital marketer I always face new issues and challenges, I gather data, facts and other information needed, analyze them and find the best solution.

What do you hope to achieve in your role at Ricky Richards?

Improve Ricky Richards online presence.