shade sails

Shade sails are more than protection from the sun.

Most people think of shade sails and relate them directly to sun protection. Yes, that is the number one factor to consider when installing a shade sail, but did you know there are 3 other benefits that a shade sail can provide.

  1. Cooler play area: During summer, most of our children love playing outdoors. Installing a shade sail above a playground will provide a solid shade environment, unlike trees that are constantly moving. This shady area will help the child avoid sunburn and sunstroke, as well as having a space to cool down while enjoying the fresh air.
  2. Weather shelter: Installing a shade sail made from a PVC fabric will ensure the wet weather will not ruin your hair. A PVC shade sail is completely waterproof and using this type of outdoor shade sail for walkways and above car parks is a very popular way to get you to and from your destination without getting wet.
  3. Brighten up your life: Choosing a colour for your shade sail can be the most exciting factor of installation. Whether you want to let the colour pop out, or you just want the shade sail to blend into your environment, the choices are endless. Vibrant colours will brighten up your outdoor area whilst soft pastel colours can create a peaceful haven that’s a perfect space to relax in.

For information on all the Ricky shade fabrics used for shade sails, go to the website  www.rickyrichards.com.au or email Alex Urweiss: alexu@rickyrichards.com.au