Banner Material

How to choose the best Banner material for your next advertising project?


There are many printable banner material types in the market, so it is critical to select the most suitable material which can perform well and serve the purpose best.

In this blog we break down different types of banner applications from short term to long term and outdoor and indoor categories to help you choose the perfect material.


So, what material can you use when making the perfect indoor banner?  In this case, the key factor is to ensure the material you use for these banners has excellent printability, a nice smooth finish and good lay flat properties. A PVC vinyl banner material such as Ultra Smooth Banner works great overtime and won’t let you down. In addition, for a cost effective, soft signage applications such as point of sales, trade show stands and media walls, Polyester fabrics (link to polyester) are a great option.


When it comes to reaching a mass audience for advertising, large outdoor banners are highly effective and popular. For this type of large commercial applications, you should provide a printed banner that can resist the strong Australian weather conditions. The suitable material must have excellent UV durability and high strength. In some projects, fire retardancy can also be an important feature to consider.

Depending on the application, mesh fabrics such as Banner Mesh Plus is breathable and best used around fences or a building sites, whereas vinyl material such as Digisign and Front MX will make the perfect billboard or large banner outside an event arena.

If the requirement is creating a cost-effective banner for a shorter-term use, some PVC banner materials such as Rickyflex for outdoor are ideal.


Lastly, when it comes to a beautiful and engaging artwork for your perfect banner there is absolutely no limit for a creative mind.


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