• Celebrating 40 years of success.

We have come a long way over the last 40 years; our unchanging core values and exceptional team has helped make Ricky what it is today!  

Founded in 1983 by the late Norman Gottlieb, Ricky Richards has been committed to sales excellence, large stock holdings and customer satisfaction since. Our 40th year milestone marks a momentous journey of growth, success and above all else, trust.   

Over the years Ricky has expanded from a modest family startup to Australia’s leading supplier of specialised textiles and printable media. Through dedication and the loyalty of their team, Ricky has successfully launched their own brands, expanded into new markets, and built relationships all over the globe. With the Gottlieb family’s desire to pursue philanthropic initiatives, Ricky has formed partnerships with Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation, Australian Skin Cancer Foundation and Melanoma Institute Australia, proudly donating over $500,000 to support their causes.  

During the 40 years, the Gottlieb family has instilled in their team, a work environment where employees are family-like, and enjoy spending time with each other, while helping the company grow. “There is a ‘Ricky’ culture that we have cultivated since the very beginning.” says Ron Gottlieb, Director at Ricky. “Trust plays a large part of our success, and we recognise the importance of people within the company, we treat them as an extension of ourselves. Our team are trusted and valued; we empower them to make decisions.” 

As Ron looked back on the last 40 years, he remembers the first order he ever took when he started to work with his brother in January 1984 and laughs about brotherly arguments that could sometimes be heard beyond the walls at the Homebush office. “Those arguments were all in the name of passion and came from a place of deep care for the business.” Ron said smiling.  

Today the values and spirit of Ricky remains the same. Kathryn Polgar the General Manager leads a team that is both passionate and reliable. “As the company grew, it naturally split itself into three divisions - Technical Textiles, Sun Control Fabrics and Wide Format Printable Media, which has widened our market reach and given us the opportunity to extend our partnerships.” 

“We are incredibly grateful for our loyal customers, suppliers, dedicated employees and friends, who have been integral to our success,” Kathryn said. “Thank you for joining us on our ever-evolving journey.”  

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